Ensuring Safe Sample Storage with Our Trusted Biorepository Services

Transparent biorepository services by CellCarta

With CellCarta’s premier management and logistics services, we guarantee the utmost care when handling your clinical samples.

We ensure your peace of mind with our transparent end-to-end sample management and exceptional interim storage, for the duration of the trial, at our biorepositories.

Safe and secure sample storage with CellCarta's Biorepository Services

Our storage facilities are designed with your clinical studies in mind. We provide detailed, regulated, and all-encompassing biorepository services, including a direct point of contact, to house your clinical samples.

We offer actively monitored sample storage at our facilities in Belgium, United States, and China.

How do we keep your samples in optimal condition?

  • Varying temperatures ranging from room temperature, -80C to liquid nitrogen storage
  • StarLIMS systems actively tracking all samples in the facility to ensure exact temperature and environmental conditions
  • All equipment is connected to backup generators and pre-conditioned redundant freezers on stand-by

Our dedicated specialty focus preserves the quality of your samples giving you trustworthy clinical results.

Contact us for more information on our sample management and storage services!

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