Experience security with our meticulous sample management service

Supporting clinical trials with top-tier sample care

At CellCarta we offer a meticulous, detailed, and thoughtful sample management service, including easy-to-use kitting solutions, to track samples in real-time from clinical sites to labs or storage facilities.

We understand the challenges of working with specialty samples and the importance of proper handling, transport, and storage needed to ensure the quality of clinical samples.

With our high-quality control standards, we have solved and avoided common specialty logistics problems and provided sample recovery rates of greater than 95%.

Worry-free sample handling, transport, and storage

We are committed to performance, adaptability, and quality. Our two-stage management process enables shipment directly to bioanalytical labs or biorepositories.

Transparent management of direct sample shipment and status work to satisfy your clinical needs:

  • Virtual Central Sample Management platform supports specialty samples in clinical trials by providing start-to-finish oversight.
  • We perform sample reconciliation after each shipment and maintain electronic inventory records to be shared with the study team as needed.
  • We follow your samples, shipping directly to bioanalytical labs, in real-time, eliminating the mandate for clinical sites to transfer samples to a central storage facility.
  • Partnership with a dedicated project manager ensures personal beginning-to-end sample management for the development of your therapies.

Clients chose CellCarta for our comprehensive sample management and storage currently available worldwide:

  • Actively monitored sample storage in a variety of temperatures ranging from room temperature and -80C to liquid nitrogen
  • StarLIMS tracking systems to actively monitor storage temperature and environmental conditions
  • Equipment connected to backup generators and pre-conditioned redundant freezers, if ever needed

Samples can be shipped globally from clinical sites to bioanalytical labs. We support trial locations spanning North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. We are familiar with import and export regulations of various countries allowing us to avoid time wasted in transit or in customs delays. CellCarta works with a variety of couriers as to provide logistical options to meet the performance and budgetary requirements for all our customer clinical trials.

Recognized expertise with limited stability samples

CellCarta’s transport management is particularly valuable for specialty samples with limited stability. We understand the urgency needed to ship specialty samples within 24 hours.

  • More than 85% of samples are shipped on time.
  • We achieve a 100% on-time study setup.
  • We obtain high percentages of successful sample transfers in as little as 24hrs post
  • Over 90% of our sponsors are conducting multiple studies with us.