Keep Track of Your Samples and Be Confident in Your Data

Worldwide sample support to safeguard your data

High quality sample management in clinical research is paramount and enables reproducible study results. Many clinical research sites are dealing with high numbers of studies and samples, increasing the potential for mismatches and delays that could lead to data discrepancies, errors or invalid results.

CellCarta is there to assist clinical research sites with years of expertise in worldwide sample management and logistics run in accordance to well-defined SOPs.

CellCarta – Quality partner

With CellCarta by your side throughout the entirety of your study, expect optimal communication between all stakeholders to monitor and flag any discrepancy and minimize shipping delays. We take pride in our constant involvement during the process and believe it is key in ensuring that your study results are reliable.

Prior to study initiation

  • Writing or reviewing specific sections of the laboratory manual
  • Organizing mock sample processing & shipping
  • Option to work with your clinical trial management software
  • Advising and supporting shipment logistics– facilitated by our strong relationships with couriers

During study

  • Sample tracking throughout the process
  • Immediate communications with couriers and sponsor when there is a risk of shipment delay
  • Sample reconciliation based on sample lists
  • Immediate notification upon observation of sample discrepancy or non-conformity
  • Adequate sample reception, processing, and inventory
  • Seven days a week service for prompt processing upon delivery
  • High storage capacity

After Study

  • Return shipment of samples
  • Providing destruction certificates

Expertise in handling various sample types

At CellCarta, we understand that sample management is a crucial component of a successful study. That is why we customize logistics based on the requirements of your samples and we make sure to keep a close communication with the sponsor.

Expertise in managing and processing various sample types:

  • Whole blood – Plasma – Serum
  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)
  • Fresh tissue biopsies

Variety of tubes/procedures for whole blood samples:

  • Serum-separating tubes (SST)
  • Standard EDTA and Na-Heparin tubes
  • Cyto-Chex® tubes
  • Cell preparation tubes (CPT)
  • Leukapheresis