Easy-to-use and customizable kitting solutions

Kitting Solutions: Customized kits for all your clinical needs

CellCarta provides high-end study design and management from sample collection to transport.

We aim to help you achieve your goals through our end-to-end sample care processes.

Our extensive experience in customized patient kits provides the perfect solutions for sample management in clinical trials.

End-to-end sample management with CellCarta's kitting solutions

Easy-to-use kits

At CellCarta, we cater to the needs of those using our kits. Our kits are purposefully designed for ease of use and storage at investigator sites.

Robust assembly procedures, in accordance with GMP guidelines and ISO 13485 certification, produce visit kits with clearly identified supplies to facilitate accurate and compliant specimen collection.

We specifically tailor user-friendly kits to each study. They include a wide range of tubes: blood collection and storage, and labels: patient identification, and preprinted airway bills for shipping directly to the lab for analysis.

User-friendly laboratory manuals are produced by a study team knowledgeable in process requirements for various types of specialty specimens.

Specimen collection, processing, storage, and shipping instructions are customized to protocol requirements and sponsor specifications. Ancillary documents such as shipping manifests, and requisition forms are also provided.

Kit distribution and expiries are diligently tracked. Fully assembled specimen shipping systems, produced by our Logistics  team, minimizes shipping errors and avoids study delays.

More information can be found on our sample management page.

All your supplies, customized to your unique requirements:

  • Comprehensive lab manuals
  • Collection vessels
  • Collection vessel labels
  • Sample transportation containers
  • Sample collection manuals and forms to link the sample to the patient
  • Pre-addressed container labels for courier transportation from the collection site to the laboratory

All supplies can be packaged in bulk or provided as kits. Kits are thoughtfully packaged to contain all the materials and reagents requested for your study.

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