ELISA Technology: Focused and Reliable Measurement of Biomarkers


ELISAs are a benchmark technology that uses a solid-phase enzyme immunoassay to detect the presence of a ligand in a liquid sample using antibodies directed against the protein to be measured.

ELISAs are useful when measuring a limited set of biomarkers and are often combined with cellular assays such as ELISpot or flow cytometry assays.

ELISAs are a component of CellCarta’s full range of clinical biomarker services.

Leveraging the extensive experience of our scientific team, CellCarta optimizes and validates ELISAs for program-specific preclinical and clinical applications.

Whether exploratory, GCLP, or CLIA, our team will meet the most demanding assay challenges.

Benefits of ELISA Technology

  • Reliable: ELISAs are widely accepted and familiar to researchers, regulators, and clinicians
  • Sensitive & Precise: ELISAs deliver robust and reliable data over a large dynamic range
  • Flexible: single-analyte assays can be configured to meet program-specific requirements
  • High-Throughput: Reduced optimization time and fast turn-around

Key Applications of ELISA Technology

  • Monitor one or more critical biomarkers
  • Measure markers of efficacy/response
  • Develop companion diagnostics