Get High-Purity Cell Populations with Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting

The Purity You Need with FACS Technology

Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting or FACS is the gold standard for cell isolation and yields >95% pure populations with limited contamination.

Whether you are developing new biologics or paving the way for a deeper understanding of disease pathology, isolating cells with limited contamination is key.

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CellCarta leverages high-speed cell sorters and in-depth flow expertise to deliver high-purity cell populations with the throughput and reliability needed for industrial applications.

Bringing Convenience and Quality to Your Experiment with Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting

The task of optimizing cell separation requires state-of-the-art equipment and is time consuming.

Our clients rely on cell sorting services to deliver cell populations of the highest purity in a timely manner using standard or custom panels to enrich for cells of interest.

From acquiring and preparing the starting material to staining, sorting, and delivering the highly purified populations, we guarantee, when necessary, a rigorous, GCLP-compliant approach with the flexibility of customization.

Processing a variety of starting materials:

  • Tissue samples of different origins: human, cynomolgus monkey, mouse
  • Clinical samples: whole blood, peripheral blood monocyte cells (PBMC), stem cells, bone marrow aspirates, tumor cells
  • in vitro expanded primary cells
  • Suspension cell lines

Delivering an end-product in a format suitable for your downstream application:

  • Cryopreserved cells
  • Freshly isolated cells
  • Fixed cells

Expertise to Sort Even Rare Cell Populations

Our flow cytometry specialists will work with clients from the initial assay planning, all the way through to data analysis and reporting to meet their cell sorting needs. Our capabilities go beyond simply sorting.

Wide range of pre-sorting assays:

  • T-cell suppression, polarization, and differentiation
  • Ex vivo models
  • Patient sample analysis
  • Post-freeze viability and purity assessment of cryopreserved samples

Advanced sorting capabilities:

  • Standard or custom panels
  • Use up to 12 parameters to define your population
  • Sort based on levels of expression (low, mid, or high)
  • Identify cells with any fluorescence label – fluorescent antibodies, as well as signaling, proliferation, and viability dyes
  • Sort up to four populations at once with our instruments equipped with 4 lasers (RGBV)

Post-sorting quality check:

  • Purity and viability checks performed after each sort

Quality Sorting for Successful Downstream Applications with Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting

When using our cell sorting services, clients can rest assured that we will source the material, develop the sorting strategy, and deliver cells of the highest purity.


  • PCR, genomic and transcriptomic analysis
  • Stocking rare cell types
  • Purifying transfected cell lines
  • Isolating tetramer positive cells
  • Co-culture assays
  • Single-cell plating