Unlocking the Potential of Mass Cytometry CyTOF for Single-Cell Analysis

Dive Deeper
Into your Samples

Mass cytometry represents a fundamental advance in single-cell analysis and greatly increases the depth of immune monitoring.

Combining metal-isotope-tagged antibodies with time-of-flight detection, CyTOF enables high-content cytometric analysis.

The technology allows for the exploration of novel cell subsets and simultaneous evaluation of protein expression across a wide range of cell populations in primary samples. All of which accomplished virtually free of compensation, ensuring the highest fidelity in highly complex phenotyping.

CellCarta is leading the way in applying the mass cytometry platform for use in exploratory research programs and clinical sample analysis.

With our method optimized to 37 markers and a capacity to go up to 40 markers, simultaneously identify several cell subsets and characterize intracellular targets in a single sample.

Our Expertise on Mass Cytometry CyTOF, From Start to Finish

Whether new to CyTOF, or a seasoned veteran, our scientific team is there to support your projects.  We can assist in designing specific CyTOF panels to meet your program needs as well as conjugate custom reagents.

Our services include testing and validating the staining panel, staining samples and acquiring data on our instruments.

Additionally, CellCarta can perform cell culture and manipulations such as differentiation, stimulation, and compound dose-response, providing a full solution for CyTOF analyses.

We work with all types of samples (live or frozen) and offer in-house sample procurement, preparation, stimulation, or stabilization if needed.

  • PBMC (fresh or cryopreserved)
  • Bone Marrow aspirate
  • Whole blood
  • Dissociated Tumors/Tissue

Our team of expert scientists employs advanced visualizations to interpret data, harnessing the combined power of our own cloud-computing CellEngine flow cytometry software and Spotfire analytics software.

Using these tools, we can rapidly move from millions of cellular events to actionable visualizations of compound activity across 100’s of readouts.

Find out more about our CellEngine software

Reliability and Reproducibility

The CyTOF platform has enormous potential to provide unprecedented insight into the inner workings of immune cells, with a performance that goes beyond fluorescence-based detection.

To rigorously apply this platform to clinical samples, CellCarta has invested the time and effort to ensure the platform is reproducible and quantifiable.

From sample handling to optimization of staining conditions for maximum cell recovery and staining, CellCarta is leading the way in mass cytometry while providing these services in a GCLP environment.

Expert Custom Conjugation and
Panel Design

The recent launch of the CyTOF platform means that there are some limitations in the choices of antibodies available. CellCarta has knowledge and expertise in custom antibody conjugation and can build a CyTOF panel starting with purified, unconjugated antibodies, or custom reagents.

Whether the panel includes antibodies specific to your application, markers that are not currently available, or antibodies to different animal species, we will help you select the right antibody clones and conjugation conditions.

Our team has extensive panel design experience and will make sure you get the most insights out of your sample. Start with our backbone panel of 30 markers and customize it to detect your rarest subsets.

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Key applications of Mass Cytometry CyTOF

  • Highly multiplexed single cell analyses
  • Simultaneously probing several signaling pathways
  • Identification of functional, polyclonal activation of immune cell subsets
  • Incorporation of unique or novel, project- or program-specific antibodies to detect rare cell subsets