Cytokine/Chemokine Screening with Meso Scale Discovery Platform

Our MSD® Platform


CellCarta offers the Meso Scale Discovery® (MSD) platform for multiplexed, high-sensitivity, quantitative assays.

MSD® technology builds on well-established assay formats, leveraging electrochemiluminescent (ECL) detection which offers distinct advantages over standard ELISAs.

Multiplexing allows the measurement of up to ten analytes in each well of a 96-well plate using serum or plasma samples as small as 25 μL.

CellCarta Expertise on Meso Scale Discovery®

  • Standard multiplex MSD® panels – including cytokines, chemokines, and inflammation markers are available
  • Tailored custom MSD® panels – up to 10 analytes to address your specific needs

CellCarta has quantified and characterized assay kits for use in clinical trials.

Our proinflammatory panel was further validated for use as secondary endpoints and CLIA-certified assays.

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Top Benefits of Using our MSD® Platform

  • Multiplexed: high throughput, faster results, cost-effective for two or more analytes
  • High performance: low limits of detection and broad dynamic ranges
  • Small sample volume: as little as 25 μL
  • Flexible: range of standard and custom assays that can be validated for clinical applications
  • Reliable: results you can count on to advance your program

Meso Scale Discovery: Key Applications

  • Assessing a candidate vaccine’s efficacy by measuring key inflammatory cytokines and chemokines
  • Measurement of established analytes, particularly for immune response and inflammation
  • Screening and quantitative assessment of candidate biomarkers identified through other methods, such as mass spectrometry
  • Validated, cost-effective measurement of multiple analytes during clinical development in a GLP/GCLP environment