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Multiparametric Flow Cytometry for Optimal Cell Analysis



Flow cytometry is an established technology for the phenotypical and functional analyses at the single cell level. Newer innovative approaches have enhanced the role of flow cytometry as an important method for the characterization of immune function especially in immuno-oncology.

At CellCarta, we harness the potential of multiparametric flow cytometry and work closely with our clients to deliver both qualitative and quantitative analyses of samples. Keeping up with the evolution of the technology, our flow cytometry platform is a powerhouse of information that will reveal valuable clinical insights to aid in advancing clinical programs.

Our team of expert scientists works closely with our clients to provide a combination of high-quality results and a comprehensive bioinformatic analysis of the data related to the clinical questions. In addition, our services are provided in a GCLP environment and our laboratories have CAP accreditations and are CLIA-certified, providing rigorous quality assurance oversight.

State-of-the-art Instrumentation

Our flow cytometry platforms are in North America, Europe, China, and Australia, which enables our clients to perform flow cytometry assays for global trials. All sites are equipped with the latest technology in the field.

CellCarta has invested in a wide range of high throughput and multiplexing instruments to meet the needs of our clients. We have instruments which can measure up to 40 parameters synchronously to provide high-content information for your exploratory endpoints as well as regulated instruments with less parameters that are ideally suited for secondary or primary endpoints.

Panel Customization

At CellCarta, we offer both off-the-shelf and customized panels. Our experts will guide you towards the right panels to achieve your objectives and get the most insights out of your samples. Given our advanced flow cytometry capabilities, we can support and guide you through all phases of your clinical development program.

Working with CellCarta's Flow Cytometry Experts

Our scientists are experts in both flow cytometry and immunology, which ensures you are properly advised during assay design and get an optimal panel set-up. Be confident that your project is managed by experts who understand the science, for an efficient project execution.

Our skilled team will generate a complete study plan, detailing aspects such as study design, regulatory compliance, methodology, data acquisition and analysis, and reporting. Depending on your needs, we can provide guidance on optimal sample stability including sample collection tubes based on the assay being designed. We also offer training for clinical sites to further ensure adequate sample processing and management.

Our SOP-driven processes allow us to perform large scale experiments while maintaining proper sample management and tracking. The support we provide does not stop once data is acquired, our in-house team of bioinformaticians and biostatisticians will work with you to generate customized reports.

We work with all types of samples and offer in-house sample procurement, preparation, stimulation, or stabilization if needed.

  • Whole blood
  • PBMC (fresh or cryopreserved)
  • Bone Marrow aspirate
  • Dissociated Tumors/Tissue
  • Cells

Rigorous Validation

We conduct robust, GCLP-compliant assay validations that are detailed in a comprehensive and customized report and accompanied by a Quality Assurance Compliance Statement for results you can be confident in.

Mock runs and panel qualifications are performed to evaluate sample integrity and inter- and intra-assay variability before initiating any experiment.