Expert Flow Cytometry Services for Optimal Cell Analysis

What is Flow Cytometry: Services We Offer

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Flow cytometry is an established technology for phenotypical and functional analyses at the single-cell level.

At CellCarta, we harness the potential of multiparametric flow cytometry and work closely with you to deliver both qualitative and quantitative analyses of samples.

Keeping up with the evolution of the technology, we offer multiple platforms, including spectral flow (CYTEK Aurora), and an advanced multiparametric analysis expertise to bring valuable insight to your data.

Our services are provided in a GCLP environment and our laboratories have CAP accreditations and are CLIA-certified, providing rigorous quality assurance oversight.

Global Footprint and State-of-the-art Instrumentation

We offer flow cytometry services in North America, Europe, China, and Australia, to align with the global needs of your clinical studies.

Our flow cytometry platforms can generate data for exploratory, secondary, or primary endpoints.

Our multiparametric cytometry analysis expertise includes spectral flow. With its capabilities to detect up to 40 parameters and its higher flow rate, the CYTEK Aurora allows for a high-throughput ideal for clinical samples.

Learn more about it from our flow cytometry expert!

Panel Customization

Both off-the-shelf and customized panels are available for your studies.

Our flow cytometry experts guide you towards the right panel, so you get the most insight from your samples and achieve your objectives through all phases of clinical development.

Flow Cytometry Experts and advanced data analysis

Our scientists are experts in both flow cytometry and immunology, which ensures you are properly advised during assay design, study planning, methodology, data analysis and reporting.

Beyond our expertise with flow technology, we analyze and share large dimension data sets using CellEngine, our own cloud-based data analysis software. The CellEngine software can automatically tailor gates with its built-in supervised autogating tool.

Our skilled team can provide guidance on optimal sample stability and logistics management, including PBMC processing for high quality samples.

We work with all types of samples and offer in-house sample procurement, preparation, stimulation, or stabilization if needed.

  • Whole blood
  • PBMC (fresh or cryopreserved)
  • Bone Marrow aspirate
  • Dissociated Tumors/Tissue
  • Cells lines

Rigorous Validation

We conduct robust, GCLP-compliant assay validations that are detailed in a comprehensive and customized report and accompanied by a Quality Assurance Compliance Statement for results you can be confident in.

Mock runs and panel qualifications are performed to evaluate sample integrity and inter- and intra-assay variability before initiating any experiment.

Flow Cytometry Platform: Key Applications

Our flow cytometry platform allows you to identify, quantify, and monitor your cell population of interest as well as its functional activity using off-the-shelf or highly customized panels.

The following services can be used to study your cell populations/subsets at a steady state or following treatment and/or stimulation:


Cell Enumeration

Cellular Phenotyping

Cellular Proliferation and Cell Cycling

Cell Sorting (FACS)

MDSC Assays

Receptor Occupancy

Phosphoflow– Map your pathway 

Measure basophil degranulation

Intracellular Cytokine Staining

Multimer Staining Assay