Powering histopathology with cutting-edge digital image analysis

From slide to digital data

As a first adopter of digital whole slide high-resolution image capture and with nearly two decades of operations, we have resolved and pioneered multiple imaging and image analysis methodologies that are ideal for clinical trial deployment. All our services are guided by carefully optimized and rigorously documented procedures.

Key services include:

  • Pathologist-directed image analysis
  • Digital whole-slide brightfield and fluorescent scanning
  • Multispectral imaging
  • Dedicated team of imaging scientists, image analysts, and application experts, implementing customized and commercial algorithms

Each slide is digitally captured in high-resolution, whole-slide format and retained on our image servers. The larger part of the evaluation and scoring is performed by our team of trained pathologists and imaging scientists. Image scanning and analysis for clinical trials is performed in a CLIA-certified, CAP accredited laboratory.

Whole slide scanning

At CellCarta, we use industry-standard scanning technology, like fluorescent and brightfield scanners from 3DHistech, Akoya, BioView, Leica Biosystems (Aperio®), Roche/Ventana, and Zeiss to enable high throughput, high resolution imaging with a fast turnaround time.

Whole slide scanning is a strategic solution for digital image archiving, image analysis, and sharing of staining results. We can provide whole-slide scanning as part of our end-to-end digital pathology services, or as a stand-alone service for your digitization programs.

Digital image analysis

Our broad portfolio of image analysis tools such as Reveal Bio’s imageDx™, Indica Labs’ HALO®, Visiopharm®, and Akoya’s inForm® help us capture the rich information from tissues including cell phenotypes, densities and spatial biology. Our expertise with running commercial or customized algorithms guides the extraction of the information that matters to your clinical programs.

Image Analysis Capabilities

  • H&E, IHC, IF, single and multiplexed, brightfield and fluorescent image analysis
  • Pre-clinical and clinical trial sample analysis including human (normal, diseased, and tumor tissue) and mouse models (including xenografts)
  • Semi-automated algorithms from Indica Labs and Visiopharm to measure area, percentage positive or negative, or intensity by cellular compartment
  • Spatial biology measurements and nearest neighbor analysis
  • Stereology based methods for systematic uniform random sampling of ROIs for pathologist scoring e.g. for microvessel density

Our team of scientists is always available for consultation to help make sense of the expansive datasets generated for your trials.

AI-powered pathology

Our team at  Reveal Bio, a company acquired by CellCarta, specializes in the generation of customized Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI)-based digital assays.

Their pathology services span all therapeutic areas and are powered by imageDx™, a powerful software platform allowing us to transform tissue biology into actionable data. Machine learning is used to train a solution on the imageDx™ platform to characterize staining, regions of tissue (e.g. cancer vs. stroma) and cell types. Assay readouts can include cell density, phenotypes, density in tissue types, and spatial biology measurements.

Using Deep Learning training on H&E samples from responders vs. non-responders, companion diagnostic solutions can be generated with associated heatmaps of biologically relevant tissue features.

CellCarta is also offering AI algorithm development services using Halo AI software. Halo AI utilizes advanced deep learning neural network algorithms and allows training by example with advanced cell segmentation and tissue classification tools.

Download our brochure or visit Reveal Bio’s website to learn more.

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