Understanding Ella™

Increasing throughput without risking accuracy is elemental to a dependable CRO, which is why we use Ella™.

Ella™ is a next-generation, automated, benchtop ELISA multiplexing system that delivers high-speed precision with minimal user input. Ella™ uses the fully configurable, validated and highly sensitive Simple Plex cartridges from R&D Systems™.

With Ella™, we are able to generate up to 256 results in under 90 minutes, saving time and boosting productivity without compromising accuracy.

High performance

High performance Ella™ partners simplicity with precision to deliver high-speed, high-quality ELISA multiplexing.

Its ease-of-use and tightly controlled automation achieves excellent low-end sensitivity and reproducibilit

  • Sensitivity of <1 pg/mL (assay-dependent)

Ella™ ensures accurate and consistent biomarker detection via:

  • Stringent control of assay parameters (time, volume, and temperature)
  •  Validated and highly sensitive pre-configured ELISA cartridges built on R&D Systems™ technology

Without any operator intervention, Ella™ precisely controls the assay by managing volumes, flow rates, and flow patterns.


With 10–15 minutes prep and up to 75 minutes to run, Ella™ delivers ELISA results in under 90 minutes.


With Ella™, we can run up to 8 analytes simultaneously, allowing up to 256 results readouts per run.The Ella™ system uses the R&D Systems™ Simple Plex cartridges, meaning tailoring assays to your specific requirements is straightforward.

Benefits of Simple Plex cartridges :

  • Large assay menu of >250 targets, spanning a diverse range of applications, from pre-clinical to bio-therapeutic manufacturing , and validated by manufacturer
  • Sub-picogram sensitivity with up to 4 logs of dynamic range
  • Microfluidic circuit in glass nanoreactors (GNRs)
  • Four parallel channels, eliminating cross-reactivity
  • Triplicate results per analyte, increasing reliability
  • Controlled sample inlets, reducing pipetting error

Single plex and multiplex assays are available for human samples as well as mouse and rat targets.


Ella™ enables us to measure biomarkers in multiple sample types.

Simple Plex cartridges can be configured according to your research.

With Ella™, we can perform:

  • Single analyte assays
  • Multiple analyte assays
  • Multiplexed assays

Ella™ also accommodates 48-Digoxigenin cartridges that leverage user-defined reagents for custom assay development.

Low sample volume

With Ella™, limited sample volume is no cause for concern.
Only 25 µL sample volume is required.


Contact CellCarta to learn more about Ella™ and how we can help simplify your ELISA multiplexing