Set Standards for Your Trial Right From the Start

Sample quality –
Step 1 of a well-designed trial

How a sample is treated at the time of collection and onwards has consequences on all downstream experiments, hence the importance of setting standards for the earliest steps. Training staff at clinical sites on sample collection, preparation and shipment can ensure high quality samples for testing.

CellCarta offers personalized site trainings, set in collaboration with the sponsor, because our dedication to your projects starts at sample collection.

Training customized
to your site and your samples

Given their expertise handling all types of samples, our scientists can provide your clinical sites with support on sample processing and packaging for shipment. They do so by assisting in the writing of laboratory manual sections, providing web-based trainings, and arranging for hands-on trainings on-site. We design our trainings based on our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for sample management, including PBMC isolation, counting, and freezing.

As partners in your study, we provide support in planning, anticipating and investigating the best options to manage samples efficiently at the study setup stage.

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