The Right Biospecimens for Your Research

Assay development made simpler with fitting biospecimens

The process of finding just the right samples for your study can be complex and regularly delayed due to documentation requirements.

Through its partnerships with local and global providers, CellCarta has steady access to biospecimens for the development of your assays.

The right samples obtained without hurdles

Our sample management team can navigate with ease the process of sample procurement, from identifying sample providers to reviewing ethics documentation, all while keeping your budget in mind.

We make sure donors were properly consented, de-identified and match the clinical profile requested.

Informed Consent Forms (ICF) are always included with each sample and carefully reviewed by our team to ensure the sample received all approvals for research use.

CellCarta works with multiple commercial providers to access fresh samples:

  • Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells – PBMC
  • Bone Marrow-derived Mast Cells – BMMC
  • Whole Blood – Plasma – Serum
  • Bone Marrow Aspirate – BMA
  • Fresh Tumor

Going above and beyond for your research

Our team collaborates with local hospitals, allowing us to acquire valuable clinical samples rapidly following collection. Given our Institution Review Board (IRB)-approved sample collection protocols, we have access in a timely manner to fresh samples from healthy or disease-state donors.

  • Leukapheresis samples from healthy donors
  • Leukapheresis samples from HIV donors
  • Fresh lung tumor samples

We also have our own IRB-approved on-site blood collection protocol, to collect blood samples from healthy ICF-consented donors allowing for the rapid initiation of studies.