Propel your therapy to the clinic with comprehensive discovery and non-clinical services

Overcoming obstacles in discovery and non-clinical testing

Taking a therapy from discovery to the clinic is no easy feat.

Companies must be able to efficiently screen compounds and biomarkers for promising candidates, unravel complex mechanisms of action, and confirm therapy and biomarker responses in preparation for clinical trials.

With CellCarta as your partner, you can tap into an extensive suite of tools and expertise to navigate the complex challenges associated with these steps.

These will help you carve a faster and more cost-efficient path to the clinic.

Our discovery and non-clinical offering spans a comprehensive range of services:

  • Compound screening
  • Pathway profiling
  • Immune profiling
  • Cell sorting
  • Single-cell multi-omic analysis

Non-clinical services: understand compound action with advanced screening

With advanced screening tools at your disposal, you can confidently characterize inhibitors, protein degraders, and therapeutic proteins directly in relevant systems such as blood. 


  • Characterize dozens of compounds per week with a fast turnaround time
  • Understand cell type specificity by evaluating different primary immune cell populations
  • Accurately assess target selectivity with multiplexed phosphoprotein readouts

What’s more, we have the experience to transition your assay from discovery to clinical stages of development.

CellCarta precisely characterizes signaling biology with comprehensive pathway profiling

Our Pathway Mapping platform provides mechanistic insights that can facilitate new biomarker strategies.

With it, you can survey 100+ different signaling nodes to create high-resolution maps of cellular responses, disease states, and compound activity — in a variety of sample types.

  • Monitor on-target vs. off-target pathway effects for a detailed look at selectivity
  • Differentiate your drug from the competition by showing unique multi-pathway effects or superior potency at key signaling nodes
  • Study context-dependent drug action by profiling against different disease-relevant stimuli
Discover more about our pathway profiling services

Elucidate mechanisms of action with deep immune profiling

Profile your drug action and immune cell states in greater depth using our mass cytometry assays.

Get comparable results to conventional flow cytometry but with the potential to monitor a greater number of cell types with more readouts and higher resolution.

We provide a standard backbone panel of 30 markers to phenotype a range of cells, including the major subsets of T cells, B cells, NK cells, monocytes, dendritic cells, and granulocytes.

We can also create expanded panels of up to 40 markers, including functional readouts, phosphoproteins, cytokines, and study-specific readouts such as receptor occupancy or CAR detection.

Alternatively, you can opt for fully customized panels where you can tailor cell types and readouts, with custom antibody conjugations.

Isolate rare cell types with cell sorting, ready for downstream analysis

Obtain deep genomic insights into specific primary immune cell populations with our advanced cell sorting capabilities.

We can sort millions of cells with verified purity, before either shipping them back to you or analyzing them using our Genomics Services.

What’s more, our experts can develop custom panels with up to 12 markers to help better meet your unique cell sorting needs.

And, if the isolated cells will be used in functional assays, we’ll cryopreserve them in a way that maintains viability before shipping them back to your laboratory.

Discover new biology with single cell multi-omics analysis

Take advantage of our advanced single cell analysis workflows to generate the most comprehensive multi-omic data sets — from gene and surface protein expression information to immune repertoire data.

Applications range from predictive biomarker discovery and unraveling mechanisms of action to exploring drug resistance, immune exhaustion, and more.

  • Get 100+ protein readouts and full transcriptome gene expression from up to 20,000 cells per sample using the 10X Genomics Chromium platform
  • Use fluorescent activated cell sorting (FACS) to further focus the power of single-cell sequencing on exact cells of interest, including rare or diseased cell subpopulations
  • Leverage our longstanding immunology experience to incorporate upstream drug treatment, cell stimulation, or other culture conditions into your single-cell studies

Propel your therapy forward with CellCarta as your guide

At CellCarta, we believe in beginning with the end in mind — and that developing highly relevant assays during early drug development paves the way for future success in the clinic.

Ready to accelerate the route to clinical trials?

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