Quantify Biomarkers in Clinical Samples Using the Right Technology

Technologies and expertise tailored to your bioanalytical needs

From early clinical development to companion diagnostics, biomarkers play an important role in the drug development process. Measuring the right biomarkers with the appropriate technology is key to de-risking drug development, selecting the right patients, and maximizing the chances of success.

Combining a deep understanding of bioanalytical and regulatory requirements, CellCarta is uniquely positioned to translate biomarkers from discovery to clinical phases. To ultimately help you determine treatment efficacy during clinical trials, we pick the right technology, develop robust assays, and validate them to your requirements.

With decades of experience in mass spectrometry (MS), CellCarta has developed clinical proteomics capabilities tailored towards the development of sensitive, precise, and accurate MS assays for quantification of biomarkers monitored during clinical trials.  Those assays are rapidly developed, can easily be multiplexed, and do not rely on the use of antibodies.

A global leader in the application of flow cytometry to support clinical trials, CellCarta has the expertise needed to use flow cytometry to monitor cellular biomarkers.  Always with the right bioanalytical mindset that fits your clinical trial needs, our scientists develop and deploy a broad range of flow cytometry assays, including phenotypic and functional profiling, receptor occupancy assays, and robust cell enumeration assays. CellCarta also performs immunoassays using various platforms such as ELISA and Meso Scale Discovery®(MSD). All of these technologies enable a better and deeper understanding of drug response.

We also offer a full suite of histopathology and molecular pathology services tailored to support your clinical biomarker needs. Many of these technologies can be combined to provide greater insights on the drug development process.

Our team of scientists have years of experience developing and customizing assays to specific clinical needs, always applying GCLP principles and rigorous QA/QC.

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