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CellCarta Logistics

In 2021 CellCarta acquired Clinical Logistics Inc. (CLI) to further support clients with integrated clinical trial sample management solutions combined with kitting and logistic services.

Established in Dartmouth (Canada), CLI was founded in 2002 and has since supported over 50 global clinical trials, with a specific focus on clinical samples with complex processing requirements.

Sample Management and Logistics

CellCarta supports your clinical studies from beginning to end with worry-free sample management and logistics.

With our high-quality control standards, we provide sample recovery rates of greater than 95% to give you peace of mind when entrusting your clinical trial samples to us.

Kitting Solutions

We understand the need for efficient and customizable kitting solutions during your clinical trials.

Our easy-to-use sample kits provide you with all the necessary manuals, vessels, labels, and instructions for post-collection transport.

Biorepository Services

At our biorepositories, your clinical samples are our number one priority.

With our safe and secure sample storage, your clinical samples are kept in optimal conditions, and they are actively monitored to give you trustworthy clinical results.

Clinical Trials Logistics Support

As your partner in clinical trials, we support planning and investigating the best options to manage samples efficiently from the beginning of your study setup.

At CellCarta we commit to sample quality by ensuring personalized site trainings on sample collection, preparation, and shipment.