Alternative Name(s): T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin containing protein 3, HAVCR2


Test Description

T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin containing protein 3 (TIM3) is a member of the TIM family (a class of transmembrane glycoproteins) together with TIM1 and TIM4. TIM3 is expressed by various cell types: T-cells, NK cells, monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells, and exerts different functions on various T-cell types (i.e. inhibition of Th1 responses, promotion of phagocytosis by macrophages and monocytes, promotion of inflammation, regulation of cytotoxicity by NK cells, and more). Recently, TIM-3 has been shown to be highly expressed on tumor-antigen-specific T-cells in the peripheral blood and among tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, which suggests that TIM3 plays a role in tumor immunity. TIM-3 overexpression has been observed in many cancer types such as, but not limited to, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, NSCLC, H&N cancer, esophageal cancer, and prostate cancer.