Case Study

Accurately Monitor Monocytic MDSC and their Impact on Immunotherapies




Our monocytic MDSC assay helps predict responses to immune checkpoint inhibitors and improve patient stratification by accurately monitoring monocytic MDSC (mMDSC).


This case study provides details on our uniform methodology to quantify mMDSC, including:

  • Markers used to define mMDSC
  • How our proprietary icScoreTM algorithm is used to measure the HLA-DR spread
  • Why we selected Cyto-Chex® blood collection tubes

Why chose CellCarta for your Immune Monitoring Assays

Flow cytometry provides an unrivalled view of the cellular immune response to cancer, measuring key peripheral immune cells. With years of expertise and deep knowledge of the technology, scientists at CellCarta work closely with clients to provide rapid and accurate immune profiling.

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