Gain a Deeper Understanding of your Biotherapeutic’s Binding Characteristics
using Flow Cytometry

Key component of bioanalysis

As precision medicine progresses at an accelerated pace, understanding how biotherapeutics engage their targets is crucial to moving forward confidently in the drug development process.

Receptor occupancy (RO) assays are frequently used to generate pharmacodynamic (PD) biomarker data which can be coupled to pharmacokinetic (PK) profiles to model PK/PD relationships. Their applications in pre-clinical and early clinical stages are wide and include assisting in compound screening, demonstrating target engagement in disease models, and determining the starting dose for future use in trials. In later stages of drug development, RO assays are used in combination with PK profile to inform decisions on dose selection and administration schedules.

Combining our deep expertise in flow cytometry and knowledge of bioanalytical requirements, we ensure that the results generated from our RO assays are reliable and of the highest quality.

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