December 14, 2023

Olink has arrived in China

CellCarta is deploying the Olink® PEA technology at our laboratory in Jining, China. Reinforcing our mission to provide global support for soluble biomarkers in clinical development programs.

The Olink® Target 48 panel will now be available in Jining. The Target 48 panel provides a highly sensitive and cost-effective solution for broad-spectrum biomarker profiling in early-stage trials and contains several biomarkers that are relevant to key therapeutic areas including CAR-T cell therapy, ADCs, and other immune-engaging treatments such as bispecific and tri-specific antibodies. Installation of this platform also enables support for multiple Target 96 panels, custom analyte combinations with Olink® Flex, and sponsor-specific assays transfer through our global laboratory network.

Recent work using plasma samples from NSCLC patients demonstrated the technology’s high sensitivity with a high detection rate of the panel’s 45 cytokines. High precision was also demonstrated across runs and operators and was published in a poster at the 2023 SITC conference. Download our poster.

Several services are available at our CAP accredited laboratory in Jining, including immune monitoring by flow cytometry, histopathology (IHC, ISH), genomic analysis (PCR, Nanostring), and other cytokine profiling platforms such as MSD and ELISpot.

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