December 20, 2022

Simcere Diagnostics and CellCarta Enter Into Strategic Partnership

Working Together to Provide Comprehensive CRO Central Laboratory Services

On 12/08/2022, Simcere Diagnostics and CellCarta Biosciences Inc. announced a strategic partnership. The two companies will collaborate on clinical research for new drug developments and innovative therapeutics to provide comprehensive CRO central laboratory services worldwide.

Simcere Diagnostics is a leading provider of precision medicine solutions in China and is committed to building fast, accurate, and accessible precision medicine infrastructure for critical human health challenges. Through continuous technological innovation, Simcere Diagnostics has developed a comprehensive pipeline of oncology, neurological, infectious disease, and pharmacogenomic diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.  Simcere Diagnostics also provides precision medicine service and digital infrastructure for medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies to collaboratively improve the quality, efficiency, and experience of individualized healthcare. Simarker Clinical Research is a subsidiary of Simcere Diagnostics with a focus of providing pharmaceutical companies with optimized R&D solutions, including central laboratory services and project management for clinical research and trials, companion diagnostics development, customized biomarker design and validation, and related technical consulting services.

CellCarta is a leading global CRO laboratory to the biopharmaceutical industry. With CAP accreditations and CLIA certifications for specific testing methods and facilities in Canada, USA, Belgium, Australia, and China, CellCarta provides a wide range of biomarker testing services and customized solutions to world-renowned pharmaceutical companies. By integrating analytical platforms in immunology, histopathology, proteomics, and genomics, along with sample management and logistics services, CellCarta supports the entire drug development cycle from discovery to late-stage clinical trials.

Through this strategic partnership, the two parties will develop in-depth cooperation in drug research and development services, companion diagnostics development, and other advanced diagnostic technologies. CellCarta will leverage the advanced molecular platforms and strong assay development capabilities of Simarker Clinical Research. The subsidiary of Simcere Diagnostics will build on CellCarta’s global service network and multiomics offerings to expand its service areas and further accelerate the development of global clinical trials. The two companies will combine their expertise and service solutions to fully support the development of innovative drugs worldwide and provide local solutions in the US and China.

Yong Ren, CEO of Simcere Diagnostics, stated: “We are very excited to work with CellCarta and look forward to a profound strategic partnership to provide more agile, efficient, and cutting-edge central laboratory solutions to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, and to ultimately fully support the development of innovative drugs and integrated theragnostic solutions around the world, thus fulfilling Simcere Diagnostics’ mission – Helping everyone with precision medicine. With CellCarta’s resources, Simcere Diagnostics and Simarker Clinical Research will rapidly cultivate and expand its global service network and capabilities to help pioneering drug research and development.”

“We look forward to this partnership with Simcere Diagnostics.” said Christopher Ung, CellCarta’s Chief Scientific Business Officer. “Simcere Diagnostics’ professionalism and scientific expertise will facilitate the development and application of biomarkers in drug research and development, both in China and globally. With this strong combination of expertise, we hope to provide sponsors with end-to-end services and support from methodological development to a companion diagnostic.”