June 22, 2020

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Montreal, Quebec (June 22, 2020) /CNW/ — Caprion-HistoGeneX offers COVID-19 PCR testing services in partnership with Clinical Logistics, a virtual central laboratory for a complete and worry-free service from sample collection to easy-to-interpret reports. Caprion-HistoGeneX is a global leader in immune monitoring, protein characterization, molecular testing, and tissue pathology services solutions. This spring, the company expanded its analytical capabilities to better serve its partners developing therapies and vaccines for COVID-19.

Caprion-HistoGeneX selected, as its molecular COVID-19 testing platform, the leading FDA/Health Canada-approved and CE-marked TaqPath COVID-19 Multiplex RT-PCR test from Thermo Fisher Applied Biosystems which offers high sensitivity, specificity and clinical correlation with the SARS-CoV-2 virus infections. The test is used by our biopharmaceutical partners to support the development of innovative medicines for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. The test is also deployed for the benefit of public institutions, hospitals and other businesses interested in identifying infected patients and employees in order to curb the spread of the disease and ensure business continuity.

Caprion-HistoGeneX offers specialized immunology and proteomics laboratory services and is uniquely positioned to serve its clients globally in the infectious disease and vaccine development space. The company has a broad operational base with multiple CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia including China. In addition to molecular PCR methods, the company offers a wide range of validated analytical and biomarker services applicable to the characterization of infectious diseases and the development of corresponding therapeutic solutions, including flow and mass cytometry based immune panels, cytokine and biomarker quantification (using ELISA, Luminex, Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) as well as mass spectrometry-based platforms) and ELISpot analyses which can all be deployed for clinical endpoints.

About Caprion – HistoGeneX
Caprion – HistoGeneX is a leading provider of specialized precision medicine services to the biopharmaceutical industry including flow and mass cytometry immune monitoring, quantitative mass spectrometry, molecular profiling, as well as quantitative immunohistochemistry. The company supports its clients globally with laboratories located in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Fremont (California, USA), Carlsbad (California, USA), Chicago (Illinois, USA), Gosselies (Belgium), Antwerp (Belgium), Guildford (UK), Sydney (Australia), and Jining (Shandong, China). For more information: www.caprion.com and www.histogenex.com.

About Arsenal Capital Partners
The partnership between Caprion and HistoGeneX was facilitated by a major investment from Arsenal Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm that specializes in investments in middle-market specialty industrials and healthcare companies. Since its inception in 2000, Arsenal has raised institutional equity investment funds of $5.3 billion, completed 45 platform investments, and achieved 30 realizations. Arsenal invests in industry sectors in which the firm has significant prior knowledge and experience and seeks companies typically in the range of $100 million to $500 million of initial enterprise value. The firm works with management teams to build strategically important companies with leading market positions, high growth, and high value-add. For more information, visit www.arsenalcapital.com.

For further information: Patrick Tremblay, Senior Vice-President and Corporate Development Officer, Caprion – HistoGeneX Inc., ptremblay@caprion.com, 514.513.1998