March 10, 2022

We are excited to announce that Teiko Bio has partnered with CellCarta to create a dedicated access portal exclusively for their customers at

This customer access portal on CellEngine will provide users with direct access to their high-dimensional immune profiling datasets generated on Teiko’s platform. These datasets, generated by Teiko Bio’s expert team of immunologists and data scientists will be hosted on CellEngine, a data-storage and analysis platform that offers a fast end-to-end solution for flow and mass cytometry data.

Teiko customers’ benefits:

  • Access your project gating scheme and easily tailor gates
  • Download raw data at your convenience
  • Jump right into follow-up analyses with pre-gated data
  • Access to CellEngine‘s extensive analysis suite and API

Through this partnership, customers will be able to dive deeper into the data and insights from their TokuReport and seamlessly transition to follow-up analyses and investigations using CellEngine‘s powerful and easy-to-use platform. We believe this partnership will allow customers to further expedite their path to pre-clinical discovery and accelerate the clinical pipeline.